Biosynerygy hoodia gordonii is a traditional herbal medicine.

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Spinynon-rhizomatous succulent shrub with 3-many stemsup to 2 m tall and 2 m broadstems longerectcylindricfleshyhardgrey-green to browntubercles deltoidlaterally flattenedjoined into acute rows along the stemeach tipped with a sharp spineInflorescence usually arising towards the apex of the stemglabrousbearing 1-2 flowers opening successivelypedicels longusually spreadingcorolla rotate to campanulatesmall and deeply lobed to large and flat generic viagra with mastercard. to shallowly cupularoutside smoothinside smooth to bristlyFruit a follicleerectconsisting of two hornsglabrous.

Be careful when buying hoodia productsAccording to news reportssome samples of hoodia sold on the Internet do not contain any hoodia at allYou might not get what’s listed on the label.

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It is a succulentfleshy cactus-like plant of the Asclepiad familywhich is an original inhabitant of the Kalahari desert in AfricaAmong its many varietiesHoodia Gordonii is the most popular because its extracts suppress hunger and effectively help reduce weight and fat percentageIt is available on the market in many formsincluding pillscapsulesjuicecomplexeschewsdiet supplementsand even lollipops.

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a new york cbs 60 minutes special about south african hoodia reported, imagine not being hungry all day without feeling the negative side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach.

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